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The Best Smartwatches for Your Kid

Stay Connected and Stay Safe

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Safety and Entertainment

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Key Features


Set virtual perimeters and receive notifications when the wearer has left the area.

Video Calling

Besides serving as a Gps tracker, this watch can also work as a cell phone to make phone calls and video calls. 

SOS Feature

The built-in SOS button can be pressed by the child, immediately calling the guardian numbers.


My son is 4.5yrs old. We both love this watch!
It took a bit to set up the watch. But the support team was awesome! Even after they made it work, They check back on us regularly to make sure we have no problems using it.
I highly recommend people getting this watch for their kid.


The accuracy is good, the SeTracker2 app is good, and it has all the essentials you need to track, communicate, receive SOS texts, and even listen in to whats going on around your child. All in all a great investment.

William F

 I found that the 4G Gps watch updates the tracking location on App much sooner! This is a high tech product. The Instructional set up video on the website really made it a smooth process!

Sam J

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