Geofencing and the safety of your children

Geofencing and the safety of your children

Are you also a parent with queasy nerves whose first thought is always about the safety of their children? Smartwatch for Kids allows you to create a virtual boundary around your child! Yes, it does! First, let us find out why geofencing is needed

Geofencing is a very important component of our Smartwatches 4 Kids products. Geofencing allows parents to set parameters for a more customized security, which is very important, especially when it comes to your peace of mind. 

How does Geofencing work?

Geofencing is a feature that uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) and allows for the creation for virtual parameters or 'fence'. Once you create a geofence, it can be seen in your device as a virtual fence. The geofence parent receives alerts whenever your child enters or exits the virtual boundaries of the geofence.


Using parental control apps/products does not indicate that you are not trusting your child, or you are a controlling parent. It merely shows your apprehension and cares about their well-being.

In this day and age, it is mandatory to be on guard all the time. If an apple of your eye is far from your eyes, then you must definitely use our products to keep them under the radar.
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