Smartwatches 4 Kids are the perfect Christmas gift for your child!

Smartwatches 4 Kids are the perfect Christmas gift for your child!

Smartwatches 4 Kids are the perfect gift for your child! Why you ask? 

Well, you could buy an apple watch SE with the family feature for you child and spend in the ball park of 329 pounds!  That's not to mention how much the reoccurring monthly fees could be for a contract sim, that will start to add up over time.

  • GPS tracking
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • Geo-Fencing (virtual safe zones)
  • Video Calling/Voice two way communication

With the money you are saving from simply buying our 4G or 2G models, you would then have enough money for two years of 10.00 monthly service for the sim you will need to buy.


Another Amazing feature our watches offer in comparison to the Apple Watch SE, is that the child wearing the watch cannot make calls, or receive calls from number that are not added into the contacts by the parent in the SEtracker2 App.

The Last important factor comes to be the design and material in which our smartwatches are made of. Unlike the apple watch and other expensive end watches, they are glass screens and with kids that is not the best combination. The watch is impact resistant, waterproof, with a hard plastic screen that is scratch resistant and much less likely to be destroyed by even the clumsiest of kids :).


Overall, you will be very happy with your purchase, not only are you saving more money, but you are also investing in a device that works. You are ensuring the safety of your children and not spending a fortune to do so. That is why we offer such an amazing product at a much more affordable price. Happy Holidays, and we hope to be sending you your own Smartwatch 4 Kids this holiday season.

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