Smartwatch 4 Kids over a phone as your kids first device!

Smartwatch 4 Kids over a phone as your kids first device!

So, you are looking for a device for your child for communication, but are still on the fence about getting your child a phone. Well, look no further, you have come to the right place and we are happy you are here. 

This blog will hopefully help you decide that you want to take a shot and get your Smartwatches 4 Kids device! This is your child's first steps towards independence and will help the process less stressful for you as a parent.

Smartwatch 4 Kids over Phone

It is not always about the price that is the main factor when deciding whether or not to get your child a phone, but it plays a contributing factor in the decision process. Phones nowadays can cost in the range of $400-$1000 and especially the smartphones that are capable of tracking features as most GPS kids watch aim to provide.

Here is a shortlist of pros to having a smartwatch over a phone for kids,

  • Much cheaper than smartphones, offering only the main purpose of the device (GPS, Communication, and SOS features)
  • No access to the internet, primarily a two-way communication device. Distractions can be limited and controlled ( do not disturb mode, school mode)
  • With a mobile, strangers can obtain your child's phone number and with our watches, only contacts entered by the parent can communicate with the child. The device blocks all numbers that are not in the guardian app
  • Tracking features such as GPS and geo-fencing (virtual fences/safe zones)

Who are these for?

Again, our products are for parents who want a dedicated device for communicating with their children and do not want to spend a fortune to do that. We wanted to give a device that’s capable of giving parents complete control and peace of mind, while at the same time, something children can feel cool wearing to stay safe.

These devices are the perfect starting device to see if your child can manage to have the device and be sure to keep in contact with you when needed. Children get to a point when a little independence is needed, and Smartwatches 4 Kids makes this possible effortlessly for parents for this transition in the development of parenting.

So why not invest in the safety of your child and for your peace of mind knowing you are allowing them the independence they need without any negative impacts mobile phones might create. If you are still on the edge after reading this, here is a shortlist of some negative effects mobile phones can have on your child at such a young age.

  1. Diminished academic performance due to playing games in class (distractions)
  2. Sleep Disruption from gaming at night or scrolling on social media
  3. Mental Health risks from the effects of social media and cyberbullying
  4. Access to inappropriate media on the internet
  5. Limited parental control unless you spend a fortune on an iPhone or Samsung that do have these types of controls
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