About Us

Smartwatches 4 Kids is an official distributor of kids smart watches with the ability for two way communication, which is essential to ensure the safety of your kids. We wanted to bring a more affordable and reliable product to the UK market because we believe safety and peace of mind should be hand in hand when it comes to you and your kids.

Our Story

When we became parents we noticed that everything you hear about parents and their kids are true. You want to make sure your kids' own needs, safety, and well-being are being taken care of before your own needs. We have heard many stories of kids going missing in public, getting lost on walks home, or parents just being the last one noticed about an emergency.We did not want to experience this without making sure we have some measures in place to prevent this from happening to us and found a great product that meets those needs. That is why we have launched this e-commerce store to help other people avoid those horrible events as well.


Smartwatches 4 Kids