15 Best Smartwatches for Kids (2019 Version)

Smartwatches for kids are not just a fantasy anymore. Wearable tech is not all about adults anymore, they have a wide range of tech products to entertain the younger crowd too.

Smartwatches are the great stop-gap to take your kid off from the tablet or the phone and entertain them till they get older.

Present-day perks are smart enough to understand modern technology, and there are smartwatches in the market explicitly designed for kids keeps the kid’s nature in the mind.

Fortunately, now the smartwatch comes with a handy feature like GPS Tracker which gives the parent control to watch out the kids activities. They have introduced many other features like Games, Fitness Tracker, Dual Camera ( one for the selfies of course ), learning development, Calendaring Music Player, Phone Call Activity Tracker, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor and many more.

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As a parent, we all want to make sure our kids stay active especially during the holiday times rather than just sticking on to the bed and I guess this alone can convince to get one of the kids smartwatch.

15 Best Smartwatches for Kids

We have collected the top 15 Best Smartwatches for Kids, so you will have diverse options to choose from. Let’s check them out.

1- VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Product Overview

VTech Kidizoom is probably the best kid’s smartwatch in the tech town. Dual Camera functionality is giving the freedom to the kids to take pictures. One side camera is to capture all of your actions and the most fun part is the front-side camera. You can take pictures, videos and ‘selfies’ with this front camera which are customizable and later you can use them as new watch faces.

It has about 55 customized digital and analog clock faces which help the kids to learn to tell the time in a more fun way. VTech smartwatch also has an augmented reality gaming experience which is not common in kids smartwatch. It also comes with many playful active play challenges and a pedometer which are protected by a motion sensor.

Parents need to see what your kids are up to, parent control function gives the full control to parents to watch their children activities. The watch comes with the Micro USB Cable which helps to recharge the watch. The cable also can be used to upload your photos and videos to your computer and the most exciting part you can download the huge amount of free games and the watch faces from VTech’s Learning Lodge.

Why you should Buy?

Excellent gift to buy for your kids, with full of fun games, learning activities and Dual Camera with full parental control.

Recommended Age: Ideally 4-12 Years

Key Features:

  • Dual Camera (Side and Front)
  • Splash-Proof
  • Built-in Games
  • Learning and Educational applications
  • Voice Recorder, Stopwatch, Calendar
  • VTech’s Learning Lodge (for free content)
  • Full Parent Control
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

2- OJOY A1 Kids Smart Watch ( Android Smart Watch for Kids )

OJOY A1 Kids Smart Watch

Product Overview

If you are looking for a watch for kids which works just like as a smartphone, OJOY AI is the right choice. It has an exceptional feature of two ways calling which makes this watch just more than a traditional smartwatch. It has almost all the feature you can wish to have in kids smart watch.

OJOY A1 also supports the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE technologies to make sure the super-speed connectivity throughout. Its front camera allows a child to take the pictures and share them.

It also has a messaging option, which means you can send and receive a message, voice message using OJOY watch app. This does not mean you can send and receive SMS on the smartwatch. This option is just enabled with OJOY watch app.

The watch equipped with the GPS Tracker which helps parents to trace their children locations. You can also check the location history for the whole day. The smartwatch is interconnected with the IOS and Android apps which can help you to trace the exact place of your child in case they need you.

OJOY smartwatch also has this cool feature called; School Mode which allows the parents to set this mode while they are in the school so the watch will not distract them while they are doing studies. You can also manage all of your activities and set a reminder and to keep the kid on track.

Why you should Buy?

A perfect combination of a smartwatch and smartphone which support voice calling and messaging and having all of the other cool features of a smartwatch like GPS Tracker, Calendar, Fun Games, Camera, Learning Apps and many more.

Recommended Age: 5-10 Years

Key Features:

  • Built-in Camera
  • Tow-way Calling and Messaging
  • GPS Locator
  • Set Reminders
  • GSM, 3G, 4G LTE Support
  • Waterproof

3- Garmin vivofit Jr. 2    

Garmin vivofit Jr. 2

Product Overview

Ever wonder to have durable and a smart activity tracker without worrying about its battery life? Garmin Vivotfit smartwatch is on the money. It is reliable, stylish and strong smartwatch which helps kids to stay active and motivated.

Its unique 1+ year-long battery life is remarkable which no needed any charging whatsoever. This means you are not going to run out of battery even after year use. Isn’t it quite long J

This activity tracker motivates the kids to do their best to keep them active track their steps, tracks the sleep and offers daily activities of 60 minutes.

It is waterproof so go and swim freely with it. It provides a great interactive app experience to the kids and allows parents to control their kid’s chores and manage all the tools through a parent-controlled app.

The best thing, it is available in various colors on character bases. It covers the range of characters such as Disney, Captain America, Marvel Spiderman Black/Red, Star Wars, Mini Mouse and a lot more. 

Why you should Buy?

Excellent device for the kids to encourage them to stay active and parents can control that with the parent-controlled app.

Recommended Age: 4-12 Years

Key Features:

  • 1+ Year Battery Life ( No Recharge Required)
  • Waterproof
  • 60 Minutes Daily Activities
  • Themes Exercise
  • Parent Assistant Controlled App

4- Enow Kids Smart Watch

Enow Kids Smart Watch

Product Overview

A kid loves surprises and the tech world is full of surprises. Enow Kids Smart Watch is not less than a surprise. It is loaded with features the kid can imagine having in the smartwatch.

Emergency SOS alarm feature is just amazing. This raises the bar of protection of your child. This allows the kids to press the emergency SOS button when they are any sort of danger. It is also equipped with the LBS Tracking Technology which helps you track the exact position of your child.

Remote Voice Monitor is one of them, simply set your desired application in the watch to voice monitoring, just dial the number you set and you will see the magic, the watch will respond automatically. Remote Control Camera is another great function which helps the parent to control the Camera with the APP so they know their kids are in the safe surroundings.

Another super function is Safe Area Mode. This help parents to set a certain amount of distance to call a safe are for the kids ( Radius of Safety Area is Minimum 500 meters). If the kids are beyond that area parents will get the reminder on the APP. You always want to concentrate on their study when they are in school without distractions. Class Mode lets you set the “Do not disturb” option which will make sure the smartwatch does not distract the kids. It turns off all of the functions except SOS Emergency Alarm to ensure kids can contact you in an emergency.

Why you should buy?

As mentioned earlier, this smartwatch is full of surprises with exclusive features like, Remote Voice Monitor, Remote Camera Control and SOS Emergency which you rarely find in any smartwatch.

Recommended Age: 3-12 Years

Key features: 

  • Remote Voice Control
  • Remote Camera Control
  • SOS Emergency Alarm
  • 2-way Call
  • Parent Control
  • Flash Light

5- Kurio V 2.0 Kids Smart Watch

Kurio V 2.0 Kids Smart Watch

Product Overview

Kurio V2.0 is another great smart gadget your kid should have on the wrist. Its interface is pretty simple to use and understandable. It can change the watch strap with no hassle and available in 2 beautiful colors Blue and Red, where the red strap is heat sensitive which turns into orange in extreme heat conditions.

The Bluetooth feature allows connecting with other Android devices to exchange any photos and games. It comes with a lot of fun games which can also be connected with other Kurio 

smartwatches so the kids can enjoy playing games.

There are a lot of filters you can use them while taking pictures or even video recording. It has just 256MB memory which is not great but yes not bad for your some favorite pictures or videos. But the internal memory can be extended to 32GB.

It is loaded with all other basic smartwatch features like activity tracker, alarm, reminder and calendar including an Emergency App which allows parents to save any medical or important notes for their kids.

Why you should buy?

A perfect simple to a smartwatch for kids which has loads of games, features including Bluetooth which can connect with other Android devices and other Kurio smartwatches.

Recommended Age: 6-14 Years

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable Watch Strap
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in Games and Apps
  • Camera for Pictures and Video
  • Activity Tracker, Calendar, Alarm
  • Emergency App for Parents

6- Leapfrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

Leapfrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

Product Overview

There are many activity trackers out in the tech space, Leapfrog LeapBand is one of them. They claim to be the first activity tracker for kids in fun ways to keep kids active. The smartwatch offers 50 challenges to keep the kids moving with fun. The more the kids move they will be able to unlock more new pets to play with. 

Parent control is a great feature for parents so they can control the kid’s activities and motivates them to get going and stay active safely and securely.

Leapfrog is a waterproof device so play it in the rain or swim with it with no worries of damage. It comes with the USB cable and rechargeable battery.

Why you should buy?

Its a great activity tracker for kids to get them moving with fun choosing from 50 challenges and upon completing them to unlock the pets to play with.

Recommended Age: 4-7 Years

Key Features:

  • 50 Active Challenges
  • Water-Resistant
  • Rewards for kids on completing the challenges
  • Available in different colors.

7- PROGRACE Kids Smart Watch with 90°Rotatable

Product Overview

It is rear to have one camera to take the pictures from the back and front, but PROGRACE Kids Smart Watch has solved this problem. Its 90°Rotatable camera is all you need. You can rotate according to the angle. It is a lovely smartwatch having 1.54” IPS Touch Screen which is kids-friendly and easy to use.

This can be the Best Kids Smart Watch as well as a fitness tracker as this includes a pedometer to count how many steps the child had and to count the calories too. Health Motion sensor helps for the active challenges to give the children healthy habits.

This device comes with 4 Built-in games for the kids to play easily through the touch screen. It also has the Audio Music Player so kids can listen to their favorite music via Bluetooth Headphones. Other cool features include FM Radio, Flashlight, and earphone support.

Why you should buy?

Its Rotatable Camera makes this watch special as you can take the pictures as well as selfies with just one camera. Kids like the effect of torchlight at night time and they will have full of fun by listening to music and playing Built-in games.

Recommended Age: 4-12 Years

Key Features:

  • Rotatable Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • 4 Built-In Games
  • Health Motion Sensor
  • Kids-Friendly Touch Screen
  • Music Player – FM Radio
  • Torch Light

8- HUAWISE Kids Waterproof Smartwatch

HUAWISE Kids Waterproof Smartwatch

Product Overview

HUAWISE Kids Smart Watch is another great piece of wearable tech device your kid can go for. The watch comes in adorable colors that your child going to love it. This kids smartwatch support 2-way calling ( 2g – GSM ) so you can be in touch with your child to ensure their safety. 

The calculator is another great feature of this smartwatch which helps kids to learn how to do math easily. This watch is water-resistant so go swim with it don’t worry. The Camera lets you take the pictures so later then can share. It also comes with the Music Player so the kids can listen to their music when they want. It also can record the voice so kids can record their voices to keep it in the good memory.

This smartwatch comes with USB Cable, so you can charge the rechargeable battery and when you connect it with the computer it lets you download the music and upload your photos which would be taken from the watch camera.

There are 7 Built-In Games in this device for the kids to have fun with them. It also has the Alarm Clock, 

Low Power Alarm, Quick Dial, Phone Book and many more.

Why you should buy?

Charming design kids smartwatch which they will love using as it has, 2-way calling system to stay connected with the parents and a Calculator to learn and solve the math queries quickly, which is not common in every smartwatch device.

Recommended Age: 4-12

Key Features:

  • Camera
  • 2-Way Call
  • Calculator
  • Voice Recording
  • Music Player
  • Waterproof

9- Jesam Kids Smartwatches ( 2019 Released )

Jesam Kids Smartwatches ( 2019 Released )

Product Overview

Jesam Kids Smart Watch is another great wearable tech for kids. It has ticked all of the boxes by having all of the up to date features and functions in 2019. It comes with 7 Built-in Games for children to play. These games will help kids to learn and exercise their brain thinking by exploring the game’s levels.

This watch supports 2G GSM technology which allows making a two-way call. This feature is very handy both for parents and child as parents can get interactions with their child to make sure they are safe and healthy, and if they need them they can rescue them.

This smartwatch can work with or without SIM Card. The good thing is they are offering Free 1GB Micro SD card which can be used to store your voices using the Recorder in the watch. You can listen to the music on the MP3 Music Player and take pictures with the smartwatch camera and store all of your memorable content on the free card provided.

It is contained with other functional tools like, Calculator which is great to learn the Math, 3 types to Alarm available to set, Silent Mode is also in there to avoid distracting in the school. Another cool thing is this watch support Multi-Languages too which includes English, Deutsch, Español, Italiana, Français.   

Why you should buy?

It is just a perfect gift for the kids as it has all of the cool features they want to have in the smartwatch. Funny Games, Learning Activities, Two-Way Calling, Calculator, MP3 Music Player and many more. What else you can expect to have in the smartwatch?

Recommended Age: 3-12 Years

Key Features:

  • Two-Way Calling
  • Camera, Recorder
  • MP3 Music Player
  • 7 Built-In Games
  • Calculator
  • Multilingual Support

10- Themoemoe Kids GPS Tracker Smart Watch

Themoemoe Kids GPS Tracker Smart Watch

Product Overview

GPS Tracker is always great to have in the kids smartwatch as this gives more sense of security to the parents. Themoemoe Kids watch has the one. It is IP68 Waterproof smartwatch which let your child use the watch with no worry of damaging you can even take it in the shower to use it.

It comes with great fun games so kids can play and have a good time playing them. You can use the camera to take pictures for your memorable moments.

It also has the SOS feature which means you can set a radius to mark it as a safe zone for your kid. If your kid ever goes pass that area you will be notified or even your child can contact the family member by pressing the SOS button for three seconds. It allows you to set up 3 SOS Emergency numbers.

Kids can distract very easily so the “Do Not Disturb” mode to allow the kid to concentrate on their study whether they are at home or school. It will activate on all of the functions apart from the SOS as that keeps working just in case of any emergency.

Why you should buy?

Themoemoe smartwatch is a great present for a child who loves to have fun with the games, wants to take photos of their memorable moments and would want to take shower while having the watch on the wrist.

Recommended Age: 3-12 Years

Key Features:

  • Built-In Games
  • Camera
  • SOS Emergency Function
  • Support 2G Calling

11- JSBaby Kids Smart Watch (GPS Tracker)

Product Overview

JSBaby smartwatch is just another great piece of tech. It has a bundle of functions which makes this smartwatch great in use. It supports 2G network technology which lets you use the NANAO Sim card to make voice calls. The watch will allow parents to save 10 numbers in the watch phone book. 3 of them watch can use for making calls in case of an emergency using the smartwatch SOS alarm function. They have added the extra layer of protection so SOS will call twice if the call is not to answer at the first time.

Its Local Base Station(LBS) and GPS(AGPS) tracker technology track the precise position of your child the whole day. This gives more security to both the parents and the child. It has a great camera for taking pictures of your loved ones.

The smartwatch has Built-In Math Games which are useful for the kids to learn and exercise their mental strength. It also has the Flashlight to helps the kids to see the surroundings when it’s dark. It is compatible with Android and IOS and has a high-definition touch screen to give the clearer sight when kids are using the watch. 

It also comes with the disabled mode which helps to keep the smartwatch on do not disturb mode while the kid is in the class.

Why you should buy?

JSBaby has offered a great piece of gift for the kids. In this smartwatch, they have everything you ever needed for your child. Making 2-way calling, SOS Emergency, LBS tracker, Math Games, Flashlight and a lot more.

Recommended Age: 3-12 Years

Key Features:

  • 2-Way Calling
  • SOS Alarm
  • LBS Tracker
  • Flashlight
  • 2G Network Support

12- SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart Watch

SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart Watch

Product Overview

SZBXD offers another dazzling water-resistant smartwatch for kids comes with a bundle of APPS and features. Its waterproof quality improves the overall life of the watch as this cannot be damaged in rain or splash or even in swimming. It also supports Two-way calling which gives more control to parents as they can be in touch with the kids.

Kids are keen to learn new things are they always want to explore more, in this learning time any kind of emergency can happen to the kids, therefore, this watch has SOOS alarm function which lets kids contact their parents in any sort of emergency.

Kids safety is one of the top priority and LBS technology sill this blank. It provides a more accurate location of their kids so the parents can trace the position of the child of they wants to reach them in any case. This gives an extra layer of security and safety both to the kids and the parents.

Do Not Disturb function is a great help when your kid is studying whether at home or school. This will allow the kids to more concentrate on the study and less on the fun activities on the watch. This mode will not apply to the SOS function for safety reasons. It also has a camera so the kids can take the pictures for themselves. It has one another great voice monitor feature. This will let the parents hear what their kids are doing without letting know the kids. Parents need to dial the number and the smartwatch will answer remotely and will let you hear what is your kid doing. 

Why you should buy?

This smartwatch is a complete gift package you can give to the kids. It has great security features like Voice Monitor, SOS Alarm. It also supports 2-way to give more power to parents. LBS + AGPS system lets you trace the precise location of your child. Overall it is a great Christmas Gift.

Recommended Age: 4-12

Key Features:

  • 2-Way Calling
  • Voice Monitor
  • LBS + AGPS Tracker
  • SOS Alarm
  • Math Games
  • Waterproof

13- LTAIN Kids Smart Watch Waterproof

LTAIN Kids Smart Watch Waterproof

Product Overview

LTAIN Kids Smart Watch is another fine piece of tech device your kids will love. They have understood the needs and competition of today’s market, therefore, they made sure to equip their watch with almost all the features the smartwatch should have.

From supporting 2-way calling to having SOS function the watch has it all. It has the Remote Camera functionality which is great for parents so they can check the surroundings of the child. It is fully waterproof smartwatch which you can take into the rain and swimming too.

It has GPS Tracker lets you track the real-time position of your child. The disabled mode is great which lets you stop all the functions when the kids are in the class and study mode. The watch comes with anther basic functionality like Alarm Clock, Games, Timer, Pedometer and Weather Forecast.

Why you should buy?

Just a perfect gift for kids having a bundle of features including SOS, 2-way calling, GPS Tracker and a lot more.

Recommended Age: 4-12

Key Features:

  • SOS Emergency Alarm
  • Remote Camera
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Flashlight
  • GPS Tracker
  • Alarm Clock

14- OLTEC Smart Watch for Kids (2019 UPDATE)

OLTEC Smart Watch for Kids (2019 UPDATE)

Product Overview

OLTEC is proud to offer an adorable kid smartwatch to entertain your kid. They have understood the market demand and have loaded all of the required features to match up the high standard smartwatches in tech town. 

Its smart Remote Camera and Voice Monitor technology let the parents know their kid’s activities secretly. It allows you to monitor what your kids are doing without letting the kids know, you simply dial the number and the smartwatch will answer back.

Assisted GPS (AGPS) and the Local Base Station (LBS) is a great feature to locate your kid’s position precisely the whole day. You can know where your kids are going and you can reach them if they need you with the exact GPS location tracker. SOS is a great handy function which gives parents more feel of security as if the kids are in danger or if they need you they will be able to contact you by pressing the SOS emergency alarm system.

Their Restricted Mode is another cool function which lets you set this mode while your kids are in school or in study time so the watch will not distract them from their studies. It will apply on all of the functions apart from the SOS Alarm function for obvious reasons. It also comes with Pedometer, Alarm, Sleep Control, Voice Chat and much other learning stuff for kids.

Why you should buy?

It is a lovely Birthday or Christmas Present you can give to your child in 2019. Fully loaded with features like GPS Tracker to locate your kid’s precise location and Voice monitor to watch out your kids surroundings. Overall it’s a great piece of tech which gives more satisfaction both the kids and parents.

Recommended Age: 4-12

Key Features:

  • SOS Emergency Alarm
  • AGPS + LBS Tracker
  • Voice Monitor + Voice Camera
  • Restricted Mode
  • Flashlight
  • 2G Support

15- Vodafone V-Kids Smart Watch

Vodafone V-Kids Smart Watch

Product Overview

Vodafone is a well-known brand in the tech field. Apart from providing services in the Mobile Networks, they have also introduced a kid’s smartwatch with full of up to date features.

Just like other smartwatches in the market, Vodafone tried to equip their watch pretty much all of the latest technology. It comes with the GPS Tracker with the help of TCLMOVE APP. This lets you track your child location and if they ever need your help the kids can press the SOS function to let them alarm.

Parents can also set a specific area to call it a SafeZone on TCKMOVE app and if the child ever goes outside of it you will get a notification. This helps to stay connected with your child for their safety. It supports V-Sim which lets you record and send a voice message for up to 30.

Why you should Buy?

The brand name itself tells you the story. So when it comes to Vodafone you know it is going be a quality product. This smartwatch has great features like SOS, GPS Tracker, Voice Chat and many more.

Recommended Age: 4-12

Key Features:

  • GPS Tracker
  • SOS Emergency
  • Voice Messaging
  • SafeZone Mode
  • V-Sim Support

Kids Smart Watch FAQs

What’s the best smartwatch for kids?

Well, there are hundreds of brands offering various smartwatches with a lot of different functions. The best one you will only came to know once you experience it and your kids love that. Some of the most popular watches are, VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2, Garmin vivofit Jr. 2, Kurio V 2.0 Kids Smart Watch and there are a lot more.

What age should a child get a watch?

Ideally minimum recommended age for kids to use is 3 years. It is normally mentioned from all smartwatch brands available in the market. But it’s up to us to determine that when our kids are able to carry smartwatches safely and securely.

What is the best cheap smartwatch?

Smartwatch prices start from $9.99 and go up to maybe $500. You must decide which option you should go for depending on the smartwatches functionality and popularity.

What do kids smartwatches do?

Kid’s smartwatch is a fair piece of technology which is replacing smartphones for the kids. It is a great stop-gap for your kids to come off from smartphones and use the smartwatches so it helps them to improve their learning ability.

Do Smartwatches work without a phone?

Yes, they smartwatches do work without a phone. However, there are smartwatch phones also available in the market which works as a phone or with your phone.

What Smartwatches can make calls?

Many smartwatches support 2G – 4G technology which enables to make a 2-way calling through smartwatches. Just look for this feature before buying.

Can I swim with the smartwatch?

Can you swim while wearing a smartwatch on? Well, yes, of course, you can. Almost all of the smartwatches coming in the market are waterproof. You just need to look for the IP cert number to check what level of protection they are offering.

How to Choose the Perfect Smartwatch for Kids?

Make sure you check the functionally of the smartwatch you are buying for your child. SOS Emergency and GPS Tracker are one of the most functions to check about. Check this free Kids Smartwatch Buying Guide Checklist to make sure you choose the perfect smartwatch for your kids.

Is my kid’s smartwatch compatible with my phone?

Smartwatches are made to be compatible with IOS and Android. So, when you buy just check is your phone having IOS operating system or Android so you will make sure the smartwatch is compatible.

Is the smartwatch material safe for the kids?

Smartwatch strap material is usually made with silicone which is totally safe and comfortable for kids.

What is the hidden cost for the smartwatches?

This may not sound nice but, smartwatches may cost you that you may not be expecting. Like you may need to buy a SIM card for some smartwatches in order to work voice call, voice message and text message functionality to work. You may also need to put a new battery if you think it is not responding properly, but many smartwatches come with the rechargeable battery that lasts quite long.

Over to you now,

Tech world is growing very fast and today’s kids are keen to learn new technology. Luckily we have enough options to choose the right device for our kids. We have collected some of the great smart wearable tech devices for kids and provide you an overview of their features.

Now it’s your time to take the action and choose the right smartwatch for your kids and share it with those who are struggling to choose it. Sharing is always a great help.

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