Kids Smart Watch Buying Guide (2019)

Are you confused to select the right smartwatch for your kids? This Kids Smart Watch Buying Guide is going to be an absolute lifesaver, where we have put together a checklist for you to choose the best smartwatches for kids.

As a parent, we all want to give our child the best things in the world and for that, we need to consider a lot of factors before buying any product for our kids.

When it comes to Smartwatch, we know today’s kids are smart enough to cop up with the latest technology and features. Therefore you should always make the right decision when you are out to get a wearable tech for your child.

Kids Smartwatch Buying Guide Checklist

There are many aspects you can consider such as Designs, Durability, Quality, Functions, Brands and many more. But we have outlined some of the core factors you should always examine before selecting the smartwatch.

Kids Smart Watch Buying Guide

Let’s make it easier and go through them one by one and talk about them in little detail.


1. Specifications & Functionality 

Whenever you look for a smartwatch, specification is a very first thing to consider and it always should be. The reason is obvious, you always want to get the best smartwatch and the more functions the watch will have the more your kid is going to love the product.

Almost all of the smartwatches available in the market have some common features in them like Alarm Clock, Camera, Micro USB and some more!

Staying ahead of the game, you always make sure the smartwatch has the functions to track your child’s activity to monitor them. It helps them to stay focus, healthy and motivates more towards fitness exercises.

There are more advanced features coming in the most smartwatches which have remote monitoring and even remote camera too. This gives you more control as a parent to watch out your kid’s environment.

2. Design & Appearance

Let me ask you a quick question, what do you see first when you look at any product?

The answer is pretty simple, it is color and design, and this is our nest thing to consider when buying a smartwatch. You must choose the right design as kids are always more geared towards cool and bright colors.

Luckily we have a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Tons of Smartwatch Brands offers a range of designs with a lot of joyful colors. They understood the children psychology and have designed their products accordingly to attract the young audience.

Superheroes are always kids favorite and they just love the thing anything belongs to them. Many brands are offering superhero and cartoon character smartwatches skins which are more appealing to the kids.

3. Durability and Efficiency

After the design, another most important thing we should check is the durability of the product. As we want the smartwatches to last long enough for kids as they use it roughly. We also want to make sure the performance of the smartwatch. The more good quality the watch will be the more durable and efficient this will.

4. Safety Functions – Parental Control

Being a parent safety and security is the utmost importance for a child. We always want to make sure the smartwatch has all of the safety functions which can give you control and sense of security.

Tech world is a huge market and we should always monitor the activities of our kids while they are using these tech devices. Modern-day parents do take this point seriously and make sure that the gift they are giving to their kids is well equipped with the safety features.

One of the most important safety features to consider is the SOS function. This is a great function and gives security feeling both to the parents and the child, as this lets the kids contact to their parents in case of any emergency. Not all of the smartwatches got this feature so this is must to lookout.

Kids love freedom and you cannot be with them all the time, Assisted GPS Tracker and LBS technology is a blessing in this case. This technology lets you track the precise location of your kids in real-time, you can also check their whole day location history to check their activities.

There is a bundle of more safety features you must consider such as Voice Monitor, Voice Camera, SafeZone and a lot more.

5. Connecting with your Child ( Communication )

It is very important to be in touch with your kids when they are out. Today’s smartwatches give this freedom to let your kids use as a smartphone watch.

Many of the smartwatches offer two-way calling by supporting 2G to 4G technology. It also lets you send Voice Message to your kids watch. You must install the SIM as directed by watch manuals.

Many smartwatches come with the SIM or monthly subscription option so you also keep this in mind to check it before you buy.

Kids smart watch Buying Guide

6. Fitness Tracker Functions

You also look for various fitness tracker features in the smartwatch. This helps them to adopt a good habit of staying healthy and fit. These functions are great to track their fitness activities even their sleep.

7. Games and Learning Applications

Games are not just for fun anymore, they come with a lot for learning and development activities for kids. There are many smartwatches which come with different sort of learning games like Math Game, this helps the kids to learn and exercise their mind skills.

Apart from games, there are plenty of other learning activity applications the smartwatch offers, to keep the kids on the learning in a more fun way.

8. Kids Smart Watch Age Limitation

Smartwatches are for recommended age limits. It usually between 3-12 and it is mandatory for you to always check the age as this will determine the right user for that particular smartwatch.

9. Kids Smartwatch Benefits 

There are 100s of different smartwatches out there and all of them have some benefits somehow. It is our duty to find out the interest of the child so you can gift them the right smartwatch. If the kid is more towards outdoor and fitness then the smartwatch should have fitness activity tracker, Pedometer and GPS tracker. And if the kid is more of home-a-holic then must buy them a smartwatch which has more fun Activity Applications and Games.

10. Product Reviews

Reviews are changing the game of online shopping. They are making a big impact on the sales, let’s keep it short “No reviews mean No trust NO sales”.

You must go through the product reviews online, as by doing this you will be able to understand what’s best in that smartwatch, why people are buying it, why they are trusting on that. This will help you to stop throwing your money to trust-less products and let you focus on those smartwatches that are more safe for your child and will give more fun they were expecting from it.

11. Kids Smartwatch Price Range

I never mind any price when it comes to buying gifts for my kids, and I am sure you don’t too. No one does because all of us want to give the best gift in the world.

But, practically we should always check the price range not because of being it expensive, it is to check if the product is worth that much. Sometimes you can get the same or even better features and functions in a good range of price which you may be getting in higher price product.

We all love surprises, and if we get something in a good price range then we would love to take. I am sure you will too.

The Verdict

How to choose the Best Smart Watches for Kids?

I hope with this Kids Smart Watch Buying Guide, we have made the answer pretty easier. Simply tick the boxes we have mentioned above and you are good to go.

You will also be able to check out some of the products available in the market yourself and decide which one is the right choice for your little one. Now you don’t have to worry about finding out the 100s of smartwatches and go through bits and pieces, just keep this Kids Smart Watch Buying Guide with you, make sure to fill all the blanks and you will find the next perfect smartwatch for your kids.

It’s your turn now, go ahead and get your child the best birthday present, gift them on the Christmas with some sweets or just wish them good luck for the future with a good smartwatch with full of surprises and benefits.

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