Smartwatches are now gradually becoming an important part of our daily lives in this new age. Of course, every kid wants to enjoy the activities of childhood. Great watches are not just for adults, there are sophisticated smartwatches for kids too.

These watches are designed to undergo any form of rough and harsh treatment of a child. Smartwatches can educate your child in an interesting and amazing way because most of these kids smartwatch have great features that will keep a child growing and learning in an amazing way without their consent.

So if you are looking into getting the best smartwatch for your child, you are on the right track. Guiding you into making the right decision is my priority.

What Makes A Smartwatch Good For Kids?

Here I will discuss what makes a good smartwatch for kids and few recommendations as regards getting the best for your child.

Why should you listen to me?

I am a father of three kids thanks to Clara my wife. We have jointly trained John, Janet and Cossy with the trending wearable technologies ranging from fitness trackers, GPS watches to several kinds of kids educative toys.

A good smartwatch should be able to:

  • Motivate your child
  • Improve analytical skills
  • Give your kid a healthy lifestyle
  • Educate your child

Best Kids Smartwatches

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A typical smartwatch made exclusively for kids is expected to have certain functions such as calorie counter, calculator, calendar, sleep tracking, gaming features and in some cases heart rate monitoring.

Almost all smartwatches for kids comes with calculator and calender which means even if you don’t want that in a kid’s smartwatch still you will get one.

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Why Are These Features Important For Your Child?

GPS Tracking : This is highly important if you really want to give your kids utmost freedom without panicking about their safety. Most smartwatches for kids comes with real time tracker for locations of your child, you can set safe zones and when the child moves out of those zones, you’d be alerted.

My Recommendation :

Calorie count: This feature records the amount of calorie  burnt per day or per activity. As you also know that obesity has really become a common challenge for children below 13 years in the US, therefore it is highly important to keep our kids fit.

Calorie counting might not be a feature you consider when choosing a kids fitness tracker because truly they are children and they need more calories because they require more calories to aid their growth process.

But if you are trying to adjust your child’s weight, because children generally have a body mass index above their normal age range. These exceptional cases are when Calorie counting becomes a great feature we look for in a children smartwatch.

My Recommendation :

Heart Rate Monitoring : Some children smartwatch has a heart monitoting feature which will monitor the heart beat of your kids thereby making you track their well being and fitness. This feature is a necessary look out when considering getting a kids smartwatch because it makes a watch costlier and more sophisticated for a child to handle.

My Recommendation :


Gaming Features : Every young geek wants to lay hand on anything entertaining at every point in time, so most of these smartwatches for kids possess educative games with music and some also come with cameras and video support.

My Recommendation :


Sleep tracking : This feature measures the amount of time spent on getting quality sleep.  If you are nursing a child between 0 and 3 years, sleep tracking is an important feature you want to go for. It will allow you track the sleeping habits of your child.

My Recommendation :


Review Of The Top Best Smartwatches For Kids.

In our opinion, we have carefully selected the best Smartwatches for kids on the market 2017 and we have arranged them in no preferential order.

1. The VTech Kidizoom DX – Arguably Best Smartwatches for Kids

The VTech Kidizoom DX

Things we like

  •  Very suitable for young photographers
  •  Easy User Interface For Kids
  •  Sweet proof splash

Things We Dislike

  •  It has no GPS
  •  You must take it off before selfie


If you are looking for a smart watch that can take your kids learning to a greater height then kidizoom would be your choice. It is one of the best smartwatch for kids under age 12 the kidizoom  has been updated to include varieties of features ranging from cameras to memory. The vtech kidizoom does not act as a location tracker because it does not have the gps feature however it’s a full smartwatch.

The vtech kidizoom as a 1.4 inch colour touchscreen display which features about 20 different watch interface period delete. D smart watch have a great camera which support video recording and educational games period in addition this watch has it waterproof capability thats can we prove water but you cannot take it go swimming does it take a diesel

It has a USB port that allows you to transfer files to the computer. About 8 new games Is installed exclusively in the new Vtech kidizoom.  It has a good storage memory for keeping data, videos and photos safe. There is an after effects where your kid can edit pictures to their choice.


The Vtech kidizoom smartwatch is one of the best smartwatch that can help develop the mind of the young ones and prepare them for this technology age.

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2. LG Gizmopal 2

LG gixmopal 2

This is indeed the best watch for monitoring a growing up child. It’s an upgrade of the previous model.

Things we like

  •  Wi-Fi and GPS real tracking technology
  • Fun sounds and voice clock
  • Set Zones and Boundaries for the kid
  • Inbuilt phone

Things we dislike

  • No cameras for young photographers
  • No gaming features to entertain kids.


  • It synchronizes with Android and ios
  • It can store up to four contacts in which your kid can call when in need.
  • You can let your child be free without him knowing you are absolutely in control of his movements.


If you are looking for a watch that will help you monitor your kid with GPS and inbuilt phone, the LG gizmopal 2 is the best GPS tracking watch for toddlers.

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3. Orbo Kids smartwatch

Orbo kids smartwatch

The orbo is basically a touch screen smartwatch for kids. It features both digital and analog clock interface.

What we like

  •  Touch screen
  •  Best for teaching a child time.
  •  Camera
  •  Stopwatch mode

What we dislike

  • No GPS
  • No phone feature


The orbo is basically designed to teach your child time because it has both analog and digital clock interface. you can charge it with the USB that comes with it or you buy an external adaptor. It has an alarm and a stopwatch mode which can make your kid set time goals for different activities.

The orbo features about 16 activity games that can keep your child engaged and entertained.


For very young geeks that are just learning time telling, this is a great tool to enhance the child’s understanding of time.

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4. Leap Frog Leap Band

leap frog leap band

The leap frog leap band is more like a gym for kids. It’s designed with the fitness of your child in mind.  The watch tries to keep your kid fit, at the same time have great fun.

What we like

  • Educational and health game
  • Smart gym
  • Virtual Pets Pal

What we dislike

  • No voice calling
  • No gps


Over use or rather abuse of TV, camera, video games has been accused of causing the increasing obesity in children, therefore this solution maker is welcomed in the world of wearable technology.

Leapfrog leapband makes your child fit and entertained by keeping them active with educative games and healthy habits. Kids gets to choose a friend from about 8 different customizable pets which includes unicorn, robots, dragon and more.

This watch features several appealing reward package to keep your kid encouraged in continuing the healthy habits tasks. There are 10 pre-loaded games and 40 games to be unlocked as the kid progress in winning the challenge.  The kids follows the progressive energy bar to get the most of goals set for running,  walking,  climbing and jumping.


The mind of this wearable technology for kids is to minimize the increasing obesity in children by keeping them active and teaching them healthy habits. In our opinion, the leap frog leap band is the best activity tracker for kids under 8 years.

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5. Here0 GPS watch for kids.

Hereo smartwatch for kids

If being in total charge of your child’s safety is your ultimate desire, the hereo watch has really made this easy by having a complete and accurate GPS tracker and safe zone settings which will alert you once your kid leaves that zone.

What we like.

  • Real time gps tracker.
  • Inbuilt sim card
  • Waterproof
  • Great battery life

What we  dislike

  • .No gaming features


Hereo was designed with little children in mind, it fits perfectly fine on 3 year old wrist. You can set alert zones and panic zones to track your child’s movement when they move out of ranges you consider safe. Hereo watch dimensions are 32*40*13mm

The hereo smartwatch application allows the parent to track the location history of their child and set alerts when the child leaves safe zone and enters panic zone.

One cool thing about this watch is when it’s removed it will send alert to all family members. Finally,  the watch comes with an inbuilt SIM-card which supports local carriers in 120 countries.


If you want real time tracking of your kid, this is a good buy.

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6. Tencent QQWatch

Tencent QQwatch

If you want to give your child freedom and still keep your mind safe,  Tencent qqwatch can help achieve that. The watch comes in 2 versions,  The EU version which works mostly in African countries, Europe, Middle East and Asia (apart from Japan and Korea). The US version works in the United States, Canada, Argentina and many other American Countries.

What we like

  •  Easy call
  •  Wechat app
  •  G sensor plus camera
  •  Emergency Mode

What we dislike

  • No gaming features


This gadget will make your kid receive calls easily. It’s basically designed as a locator and that allows you give your child freedom and still keep them safe by setting safe zones.

You can add about 5 family contact and 16 friends contacts which automatically synchronizes with your mobile app. When a child leaves these zones family contacts will get an alert from the watch.

When you open the app,  you see the exact location of your child in the map. If you buy more than one of these probably for all your kids,  you can simply add their profiles together on the map and locate them on the same map at each time.

With the we chat mode,  a child can make friends through the “People Nearby” feature and can send voice messages and chats without calling.


If you intend giving your kids their freedom without worrying about their safety, tencent QQwatch is what your kids need.

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7. Pebble time smartwatch

Pebble Time Smartwatches for kids

I place this watch last because it was not intentionally built for kids but it’s price and design made me list it here. It’s one of the best smartwatch for teens and for tweens, when I highlight the features you will eventually agree with me.

What we like

  • Standard design
  •  Inbuilt microphone
  •  Pebble health and Pebble App Store
  •  Strong battery life
  •  Water resistance

What we dislike

  •  No calling feature (may be made available soon)


Some call this watch the underdog of Smartwatches simply because it’s an affordable gadget that have all standard features.

It has a very standard look which will provide solution for you child’s losing interest in toy like Smartwatches. Your teenage kid will definitely prefer this to others.

Pebble features notification alerts, quick replies and voice note through built-in microphone, discreet alarms, calendar, events and more.

The watch is water resistant, which makes it suitable for your geeky teenager. You can track activities and sleep via the pebble health and you can download thousands of apps,  games and watch themes from the pebble App Store.

Another great feature of this watch is the 7 days battery life. You kid keeps enjoying the fun without thinking of recharging the watch.


And here we have a perfect choice for children above 10 years. Every teen prefers to have a classic fancy gadget than a toyish one.

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Conclusion on the best smartwatch for kids

I’ve done my best in doing justice to the common features of kids Smartwatches and you should decide which features are most important for your kids when you’re trying to get a smartwatch for your kid. All the watches have their strength and flaws making it difficult to select the best kids smartwatch.

However to safe you the stress my recommendations are as follows

Ages 12 months and up : Tencent QQWatch

Ages 3 to 8 :Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Ages 4 to 12 : VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Ages 10 and up : Pebble Time Smartwatch

The benefits of a smartwatch for kids

It’s not a secret for anyone how well kids and technology get along. It can be tablets, smartphones, PCs or anything that offers technological potential and, most importantly, that is able to connect to the internet. Here I decided to mention some of the benefits of a smartwatch for kids.

The smartwatch, that invention that completely revolutionized technology market. Over than 100 million of these gadgets were sold in the world only in 2016. Regarding people who buy smartwatches, the youngest members of the family seem to be very important for their manufacturers, but is there a specific reason for that? Is a smartwatch truly beneficial for kids? What are the benefits of a smartwatch for kids?

Enables timely communication with parents

This one is probably the most important feature in a smartwatch for kids with concerned parents. Especially during their time at school, kids may forget about their cell phones and spend a long time without checking it, which is completely fine. It’s important to remind they are kids and they are supposed to have fun.

However, there are some times when communication is critical, for example when you need to tell your kid it’s not you who is going to pick them up from school but a relative instead. That’s the moment one of the most useful benefits of a smartwatch for kids becomes evident. Smartwatches are worn on the wrist (obviously), place that is always visible, so any kind of bell ringing or shining light coming from it will call their attention instantly.

 Helps find out where they left something

It happens a lot, kids are quite forgetful and they get distracted very easily, so they may leave their cell phones or tablets at some place they can’t remember. But that problem is no longer thanks to smartwatches.

Smartwatches for kids come with a phone finder that can actually locate any device that is paired to the smartwatch. The coolest aspect about this feature is that it vibrates if your kid is leaving their cell phone at home when going out.

Keep an organized schedule

Nowadays some kids are probably as busy as adults, especially when they like enrolling in extracurricular activities. Another one of the most relevant benefits of a smartwatch for kids is that they can easily set appointments so they won’t forget about classes they have to take and activities they need to do.

It can also be useful for educational purposes!

Smartwatches bring tools that can turn into very useful companions for school. Features such as a Calculator or a Translator can be very helpful when completing activities, not only at home but also at school itself! (of course, if the teacher allows it.)

Taking a look into these aspects, we could say the benefits of smartwatches for kids depend on how they use them. It can be a very important device, probably as much as their cell phone. As a last comment, smartwatches and their use are constantly evolving so every day there are more ways to exploit the potential of these avant-garde watches.

Nudge your children to healthy Habits.

Kids don’t like advice from parents and anyone. However, being parents, you need to get them into healthy habits and behavior. Using a smart watch, and monitoring you can unconsciously put them into good life styles. For instance, the smart watch is an excellent fitness tracker. It can count steps, pulse rate, sleep pattern, burning calories and then some other health variables. Monitoring kid’s health parameters you decide what action has to take in the future regarding their lives.

Connected with children for a long time

You might think that smartphone is a better choice than the smart watch. However, kid’s not good at handling expensive smartphones. Some smart watches offer ten days of battery back-up so that you connect with your children even on a long trip. You can send and get notification, messages or calls through a smart watch.

A good Motivator

Kids are a font of doing sports activities such as swimming, running, riding a bicycle, cyclocross and so on. All these activities, the kid can watch real time notification in real-time on the small screen. And it could be the real motivator to your children to do well in life.

There is more advantage you can vouch for smart watches. If you’re a devoted parent, exploit the advantage of a smart watch and use it for your child’s growth. Furthermore, check the OS which is suits for your budget and taste.

Choosing a smartwatch for your kid: What are essential factors to consider

Smartwatches for kids have gone through a high level of changes and improvements over the recent years. Today, they are a natural toy/accessory for younger ones, same as kids from the 80s thought about bicycles or a card game. However, choosing the best smartwatch for a kid isn’t an easy task. Different criteria must be applied. Below, we will reveal the most important factors to consider.

Educational purpose

Almost all smartwatches for kids have some type of educational features. Sadly, this matter cannot be generalized, due to the fact there are so many variables. Also, not all smartwatches come with the features, so it is important to include it as a part of criteria straightaway. The pure essence here is to purchase a smartwatch which will teach your kid a few things while using it. Addition: you should expect games, puzzles, responsibility features and etc.

Kid’s activity tracker

The feature in question is similar as the activity tracker smartwatches for adults have, but with one, essential difference. They offer awards for each, completed the task. As such, a kid will be more motivated in order to complete the tasks, and literally to be more physically active. These trackers can monitor the physical activity, calories, distances and etc.

Parental control

A parent will be able to monitor the activity of the smartwatch. Some, usually better and more expensive models have the ability to limit the activity via smartphone or another smartwatch. When it comes to safety, this is the main feature and almost all models have some type of parental control, but they are not exactly the same.

Fun factor

Fun factor is closely related to the educational features but still, has a few differences. In general, a smartwatch will have a game or an app which will keep your kid amused. One of the most common examples is an animal which must be taken care of daily. You may remember that this game comes from the 90s, where kids used to have gadgets which represented virtual animals.

Recorder feature

And here we have one feature which is extremely important for the creativity of a kid. A video, photo and audio recorder allows to your kid to boost his creativity. This is especially important for those who like taking pictures and creating their own videos. Sharing these videos with other kids also has a positive effect.

Recorders which we have mentioned are used for creative development, but they chive positive results via entertainment and fun. Don’t forget to include a voice recorder, besides other two. Some kids prefer them rather than a video recorder.

The final word

Choosing a smartwatch for kids must be focused on fun factor, parental safety and on educational purposes. A unit which incorporates all of these factors is going to be the safest choice and will provide the best results over a short period of time. Keep in mind that models without the fun factor are not desirable, and those without parental control are not safe!