Wearable tech is not only about the wrist, but it is also about others place, too. Talk of best smart jewelry for women doubles as it connects with healthy life styles. Let’s discuss such options that are suitable, in particular for women.

7 Best Smart Jewelry For Women 2017

1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban

bella beat leaf urban.

The Leaf is about monitoring vital health signs such a sleep pattern, stress level, breathing count and so on. It tracks the parameters and gives insight on present health condition and what is the next course of action to plan for the future. Many women are facing the ovulation problem that causes hormone imbalance and infertility. By wearing Bellabeat Leaf Urban necklace around the neck, it will help you to regulate the monthly menstrual cycles which makes it the best smart jewelry for women.

Bella beat Leaf is compatible with both iOS and Android latest devices. However, recent Samsung devices are facing common issues that related to Wi-Fi connectivity. Now leaf comes in leather bracelets and silver chains.

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What We Like

  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  •  Looks classy while comparing other trackers.
  •  Useful to evaluate menstrual cycles.
  •  Leather band gels well with any outfit.

What We Dislike

  •  It looks little heavier than usual necklaces.
  •  Face Glitches with Android Devices. You need to troubleshoot often with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  •  Usually, at working times, it doesn’t track the stress level well.


All those drawbacks are apart. Leaf is pretty to wear with wardrobes in any occasions. It gives you the sense of pride. Moreover, you get confidence by wearing it and exhibiting that you’re up to date with the latest technology.

Leafy is an unassuming gadget that made especially for women wellness. Dwelling with the various data parameters allows you to learn faster and quicker. Overall, leafy is gorgeous, modest, yet to one of the best smart jewelry for women in current trackers in the market.

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2. Misfit Shine (with Bloom Necklace)

Misfit Shine Bloom Necklace

The Misfit Shine is a hand-crafted activity tracker made of stainless steel. Misfit Shine is stylish, shiny and looks awesome to wear with other wardrobes. It syncs well with current Apple’s iOS and Google’s new OS.

You can wear it while swimming, walking, running and more. Using Misfit Shine, tracking sleep patterns and obesity controls become much easier.

What We Like

  •  Looks Elegant.
  •  Shine Magnet makes it durable.
  •  The removable chain could be used with other pendants.
  •  It does not catch your hair.
  •  It shines effortlessly.
  •  Scratching free.
  •  Readjusting is spontaneous.

What We Dislike

  •  Little heavier than standard pendants.
  •  Need time to cope with it.
  • Women love this necklace, which feels them unique. It’s a best smart jewelry for women wearing in gatherings.
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3. Ringly Luxe Smart Bracelet

Best smart jewelry for women

Ringly is the Best smart bracelet for women based on its effectiveness. It lets you stay top of your routines through customized tracking notification or alert. Women with belly or obesity issues can use it to find out how much calories burned during the day.

The goal of using Ringly is to keep you in the best shape of health through monitoring breathing, meditation and tracking steps and so on. Keep customized reminders to each task.

What We Like

  •  Good build quality.
  •  Accurately monitors the vital parameters.
  •  Customizable.
  •  Easy to connect with apps.
  •  Wear it in any environment.

What We Dislike

  • Vibration mode is not okay.
  • Need to sit tight with the wrist.

Overall, Ringly Luxe Smart Bracelet is Best smart jewelry choice for women at a reasonable price. Smart Brace is the more accurate tracker than competitor devices. Once you wear it, you won’t turn the face to other trackers.

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4. Omate Ungaro

Omate Ungaro

If you want to surprise your beloved ones, Ungaro ring is the pricey and classical choice. It ranges between $500 – $2000. The reason is Omate Ungaro ring comes with 18k gold and silver.

The ring is the recent addition to best smart jewelry for women in modern societies. Omate is well known for the fashion tech world, with previous products such as Omate Lutetia and X wearable already in the business.

What We Like

You find five more gemstone options in this ring segment,
  •  Blue topaz.
  •  Opalite.
  •  Onyx.
  •  Sapphire.
  •  Ruby.

As for the intelligent part, Ungaro ring is connected to the smart phone using Bluetooth. You get vibration during notification such as text or call. The battery stays five days in single charge.

Omate and Ungaro are the pioneers of women empowerment with the vision of providing technology to their feet that matter the most.

Ungaro ring has targeted fans driven by fashion-forward women. Wearing the ring is about the pride rather than technology. Especially, 18 karat ring is a finest and Best smart jewelry for females, and it is a dream to for many women to wear it in occasions.

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5. NFC Ring

NFC Ring

NFC Ring is a buzz word across the wearable tech world. Many leading magazines gave reviews on NFC ring such as The Washington Post, Wire magazine, Gizmodo and much more.

Connecting the people is the primary goal of NFC ring. You can transform information to ring from smart phones even desktop and laptop. Recently, many tech giants have come up NFC ring with an idea of connecting it with IoT devices.

A ring is enough to unlock doors, transferring data to connected devices and link people in far place using NFC technology.

The carbon fiber gives an elegant look to it. Transferring phone numbers, email ids, storing numbers, email ids, and other information about the ring can be done in rapid space.

NFC Ring could be the potential wedding ring shortly with unlimited possibilities in the future and becomes the BEST SMART JEWELRY for your beloved women.

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7. Senstone


Senstone is a brilliant idea for bringing technology into the wearable. The basic concept of Senstone has to connect all devices from a single gizmo.

Senstone possibly used as the pendant or Best smart bracelet. You can clip it wherever you want it and begin the recording. The Artificial Intelligence knows the voice recording context, notes details and appends the location for later study. It’s not comfortable to wear it as the necklace, but comfortable to wear it on the wrist.

What We Like

  •  Worn it wrist, neck and several ways.
  •  Uses Artificial Intelligence.
  •  Could be helpful in special scenarios.
  •  Convenient to handle.
  •  Could be Virtual Assistant.
  •  Good battery backup.
  •  100% accurate in speech recording.

What We Dislike

  •  Not 100%, still evolving.
  •  Need time to master it.
  •  Little Uncomfortable.
  •  It is not waterproof.
  •  Bulky.

Senstone has not a finished product yet. It’s a hypocritical to comment on a prototype. There are lots of scope for improvement relying on Artificial Intelligence. Watch out for final model and happily revisit and grab it with both hands                                

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6. Michael Kors Access Bracelet

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Access Bracelet gives classic style with a sporty look. It seems like the best smart jewelry for women at affordable price.

It tracks your sleep pattern. Also, it works with Android and iOS. Moreover, it integrated well with some fitness app.

Here is list of those apps
  •  Jawbone UP,
  •  Apple HealthKit,
  •  Google Fit
  •  UA Record.


The tracker keeps an eye on metrics such as steps counting, burned calories, and traveled distance. The LED Notification alert let you know whether you reach the target or not, by lighting up.

What We Like

  •  Water resistance to 100ft(30m).
  •  Easy adjustability.
  •  Easy to set goals.
  •  Sporty look.
  •  Cons:
  •  Bands are not up to standard.
  •  Chains Quality.

The Michael Kors Access Bracelet comes with Black & Gold or White & silver categories. Moreover, Misfit Shine and Kors Access Bracelet came from the Michael Kors Watches. That’s why it shows similarities in their models and functions.

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Overall, smart jewelry for women is evolving slowly and gaining its share in the wearable industry. Considering its small interface, with smart watches and phones, it is understandable that convincing a user is a hard task.

Even though smart jewelry faces lots of challenges and limitation on working in tiny space, the visionaries don’t give up their dreams to bring the tech up.