The old method of Strapping trackers to the chest are all gone and now fashion tech is here. We all want to keep our fitness in check and still want to be in style. Some fitness trackers are designed to fit with your fashion style, they are generally referred to as smart jewelry.

If you are looking for activity trackers that look like jewelry, you are in the right place. Most smartwatches and fitness trackers are designed in-style with your fashion.

4 Best Activity Trackers That Look Like Jewelry


1. Pebble steel smartwatch for apple/android devices

We have seen several smartwatches synchronize with smartphones, pebble has really been at the top of the ladder. The pebble steel smartwatch combines gorgeous designs and good functionality.

What we like

  • Great Design
  • Good battery life
  • Long term durability

What we dislike

  • Somewhat costly
  • Some cool features are missing


Essentially, the pebble steel is the same standard with other pebbles but it’s made with a stainless steel which makes it fit as a jewelry for your fashion. It comes a little bit more pricey than the standard pebble watch. It’s really worth the additional coins.

The stainless casing and button makes it look classy and industrial. Pebble steel displays just as the standard pebble featuring a monochrome LCD with a back light making it easy to read even under direct sunlight.

Pebble does not feature a colored screen, thereby making the battery last longer. A major setback of pebble steel is that it is not a finger touchscreen, all navigation and controls are handled by four buttons on the watch.

Pairing this watch with Ios or Android will unlock majority of its functionalities by installing the pebble App. At your first synchronization, the smartphone will check for the version of firmware installed on the watch and allows starts installing the latest version.

Pebble steel is a real time activity tracker, this feature makes it a competitor with other fitness trackers in market. Though pebble steel smartwatch may not present enough enticing features but it’s one of the best smartwatch out there.

By keeping things relatively simple, the device is able to enrich your everyday life without making things too complex. Battery stamina is also impressive when compared to competing watches, and the dedicated app store continues to grow each month

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2. Fitbit Alta HR

For those who want their fitness tracker to be discreet and very fashionable, Fitbit Alta HR is a good try. This mini wrist computer has great features for improving your daily health activities.

What we like

  • Measures Calorie Burnt
  • Keeps track of daily activities
  • Back-lit led display
  • Splash-proof
  • Long battery life

What we dislike

  • No Gps


Fitbit Alta gold is exclusively made with females in mind. But guys like me who wouldn’t mind even strapping a pink feminine designed wearables on will still go for Alta gold.

This smartwatch measures calorie burnt and step counts during daily activities thereby keeping track of your daily multiple fitness activities. Another great stuff that Fitbit Alta gold features is sleep tracking, measuring the time spent in getting some good sleep.

With its back-light led display you can view your data accurately even in low-light conditions. It has an adjustable strap that fits comfortably on most wrists from 6″ to 7″ in circumference.You can synchronize with Apple, Android and Windows devices for wireless connections.

Data can be shared over a 3g or 4g connection. You would not need to worry when you get caught in the rain because this watch is splash proof. Long-life lithium polymer battery of this watch offers 5 days usage on a full charge, and it comes with a USB for easy charging.

Fitbit alta is arguably one of the best activity tracker that looks like jewelry because it provides great fitness features as well as good in-fashion designs.

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3.Kate Spade activity tracker

Most lady does not want a bulky sporty tracker, they just want something that fits into their fashion life style. Kate spade is the special gift for that perfect woman in your life.

What we like

  • Light weight
  • Tracks Sleep, steps and water intake


What we dislike

  • No display



The Kate spade is lightweight and hardly noticeable on the wrist. It features the ability to count steps,sleep and water intake. The step tracker is a little bit inaccurate with the actual steps taken.

You can easily synchronize with Ios and Android through the smartwatch App. A major setback of this activity tracker is that it has no screen, so it basically depends totally on its App to relay information to you.

Nevertheless, you can check your range in your goal achievement. When you tap the face twice, a light blinks: One blink means you’ve completed less than 25 percent of your step goal, two blinks mean you’re 26 to 50 percent of the way there, and so on in quarter increments up to five blinks for 100 percent.

You can set what shows up when you tap the face three times. Tapping three times, you have to choose one of the following options : adding a glass of water to the water tracker, playing or pausing music on your phone, taking a picture from your phone and making your phone ring when you misplace it.

Kate spade uses a replaceable long lasting  coin cell battery, so you won’t need to charge. This activity tracker is water resistant up to about 50m in depth, you can take it swimming or in shower. Still good on you when you are caught up in the rain.

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4. Misfit Ray

Misfit has been around for a while now, with great innovations of trackers that fits with your fashion. The Original Shine 2 was a great landmark, Misfit Ray is an integration of the shine. The Ray looks like a cylindrical tube with leather tied to the two ends of the tube.

What we like

  • Doesn’t look like a tracker
  •  Can be worn for swimming
  •  Customization options
  •  Long battery life
  •  Great sleep tracking

What We dislike

  • Activity tracking is very basic
  •  Can be uncomfortable
  •  Lack of display limits functionality


We can simply say that the Misfit Ray is Shine in a tube….Lol. In terms of design, Misfit Ray has a fairly unisex design making it not preferential for any gender.

This tracker is somewhat small and pretty, it measures 38mm in length and only weighs 8g, while it’s still water resistant to about 50m deep. It has a great battery life because it uses two coin cell replaceable battery which can last for about 6 months.

Misfit Ray has no screen for display, neither does it have buttons but  a blue blinking light and subtle vibe means you have a text, or green for calls. Every activities of this tracker subtly depends on the Misfit App

You are not limited to wearing Misfit Ray on your wrist because you can as well use Ray as a necklace pendant. Misfit has several accessories that can change the style of your tracker t becoming different from just a wrist wearable design. Accessory packs will cost around $50, though, so customization doesn’t exactly come cheap.

The Ray features an automatic sleep tracking, by showing you duration of sleep taken and broken down by showing you light and quality sleep

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On a final note, Smart devices are getting smaller day by day. These are trying to mixing up with the lifestyle people choose. Getting a tracker that looks like a