Losing a child is one of the biggest pains that any parents could face in crowded or unfamiliar places. In today’s world, it’s hard to keep kids in the same locations.

Parents want to keep an eye on their child’s areas when they go out with friends. However, parents can ease their tension by making their children wear a GPS tracker watch in the hands.

Furthermore, using GPS watches the kids can make a call or send a text to their parents. This option is helpful in emergency situations.

There are lots of kid’s safety smartwatches available in public domain. At the same time, finding the best GPS watches for kids needs some effort and time from parents.

Technology allows the parents to set perimeters around their children. When the child breaches these safe zones, parents will get the automated notification.

As a devoted parent, you have to make the right choice when buying kids watch with GPS for your children.

Why you need GPS smartwatch for your Child?

GPS smartwatches not only allows you track your kid’s movements. Also, you can slip it into your child’s backpack, pockets or even attach to dresses.

GPS smartwatches gives you lots more benefits such as,

  • You can keep track of the autism children.
  • In case of children abduction, it will allow you to track your kid’s location.
  • Allows you to monitor the behavioral changes in children.
  • Helps you to improve children physical fitness.
  • Keep you in calmness.

If your priority is to keep your child from any mishap and then the buying any of  the following GPS smartwatches can help you in a great deal.

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10 Best Kids Watch With GPS 2017

1. KidsConnect


The Kids connect GPS Smartwatch is one of the best kids watch with GPS in the market.

There are so many advantages you love about this device. Parents can connect the watch through an app, once the kids wear it.

The interaction between the app and the watch is smooth and comfortable. This watch is an all-in-one device that contains lots of features that are helpful in tracking children behaviors.

The advanced GPS tracker can be used as an assistance to know about children safe zones. The phone is web-enabled and connects with both Android and iOS platforms.

What We Like

24-hour tracking enabled with the website or app.
Comes with customizable GPS mode.

You can change it to either GPS or LBS
Comes with the 20-number phone book
Easy to set kid’s perimeter

What We Dislike

Set up is little messy
Complicated Instruction manual

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2. Gizmopal 2

Kids always love wearables with different color options. Gizmopal 2 is adorable, affordable and comes with pink and blue variations.

The kids love to wear it. Also, it comes with the waterproof features. The integration between the phone app and screen clarity are two cool features of Gizmopal.

On the other side, this smartwatch gives ten updates in a day.

Moreover, live tracking option is not available, which is the significant drawback of the watch  in this informational age. You can store pre-contact numbers up to 5.

What We Like

Five people can follow Watch’s GPS.
Easy to use.
Kids love the sound effects.
Two-way communication.
Pre-contact numbers up to 5.
Weight is 40-grams.

What We Dislike

The watchband is not durable
Location tracking is not live

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3. HereO

Hereo smartwatch for kids

The hereO is the world’s smallest smartwatch which comes with an extended 60-hours of battery life.

You can make customized alerts about your kid’s safety zones. Locating the kids around the clock is easy.

You can charge the smartwatch anywhere because of its integrated USB feature.

You don’t need any WiFi signal access to update the latest firmware.

Your children can make a choice what they want from the wide range of color. When the child breaches the safe zone, the entire family gets the alert.

What We Like

Real-time Tracking
Extended battery life
Family sharing
iOS and Android compatibility
GSM & GPS available
EPD screen display
Historical tracking

What We Dislike

Limited warranty
Text message option is not available

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4. Caref Kids phone GPS watch

The location tracker in Caref GPS Kids phone is more accurate than its competitors.

You get instant alerts when the child moves away from the geo-fencing area.

The smartwatch comes with the reasonable price that makes many parents fond of it.

You need just 5-minutes to establish integration between your phone and the Caref.

The children can send a text message to their parents in case of home coming or other situations.

What We Like

Text message feature
Suitable for kids for age group 4 to 8

What We Dislike

Charging is slow
Limited warranty

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5. Gbd kids watch

Gps watches

This is one of the smartwatches that comes with the 3-mode GPS position tracking system.

It assures the double-safety of your children. It supports 2G network and comes with micro sim slot.

Also, you can prefer national plans and enjoy uninterrupted communication.

The parents can sit relax and track their children while they are roaming in the neighbourhood by setting up safe zones.

What We Like

Free Sim Compatibility
It is two-way call smart watch
Tracking & Fitness device

What We Dislike

Not working with other SIM brands
Quality of sound is not good

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6. FiLIP 2

FiLIP 2 is an ideal choice for young children. The compact and basic design model allows voice-to-voice feature.

The adjustable watch band lets you make it either long or short depends on kid’s hand.

You can find three buttons on the watch, one is for calling, one is text, and the final one is for manual update.

The parents can set alert intervals 15, 30, or 60-minutes through the day. It gives parents a stage of calmness of mind.

What We Like

Unique design
Adjustable watch band
Manual location updates
2-way voice call

What We Dislike

Low battery life
Difficult activation process
Poor band quality
Lack of 911 call option

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7. Tencent QQwatch

Tencent QQwatch

This smart watch phone device is synchronized automatically with the contact list.

Parents and children can make two-way calling. You can get local weather reports and emergency alerts through SOS button.

Easy to set up safety zones using the app. Using the “listening mode,” parents can know what’s happening to their children at any time.

You can leave voice or text message to children while you’re in busy schedules. The LCD screen gives a clear view.

It supports more than ten languages. You can add up to five families & 16 friends.

It comes with vibrant color which makes Tencent QQ watch one of the best GPS watches for kids.

What We Like

Automatic Synchronization with the contact list
Photo features with 3.0 Mega-Pixel camera
GPS & GSM wireless connectivity
Supports Android & iOS
Multi-language support
Listening Mode

What We Dislike

Battery Life
Complicated setup

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8. Tick talk 1.0S

The Tick talk 1.0S is well built smart wearable, compared to all available options.

The touchscreen is bright and shiny. Setting up the Tick talk 1.0S is easy. The voice- call quality is better than its rivals.

This watch can kid’s track when the cell signal is good.

What We Like

Good material quality
The battery can stay for two days
Better calling experience

What We Dislike

You could see only recent text messages
Calendar option is not useful because of a small screen
Notification will not show if the app is not on

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9. Spy Tec STI_GL300

The unique advantage of Spy Tec STI_GL300 is it being very portable. This tracking is the device for all ages which include kids.

You can watch children’s location in Google Maps. This watch is one of the top sellers in kids watch with GPS.

What We Like

No Activation fees
Integrated with Google Maps
24-hours tracking facility
30-day money back guarantees
Offers good customer service

What We Dislike

Service cancelling with providers
Network traffic is not HTTPS

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10.  Doki Watch

Doki is first ever smart watch comes with 3G compatibility. It is a cool smartwatch  for teens, tweens and adults and comes with multiple color band options.

Doki is safe for radio frequency and certified by FCC and CE. Video calling features allow parents to talk with children closely.

The dokiPet is a fitness tracker to motivate kids to stay healthy by awarding badges for their achievement.

Also, kids can store 60 seconds recording and send it to pre-set contact in an emergency situation. Until emergency call is deactivated, the pre-set contact gets the notification every 60-seconds.

With lots of additional features, Dokiwatch becomes one of the best GPS watches for kids and teens.

What We Like

FCC & CE certified
Made with TPE-x which is Non-toxic
Flexible Bands
3G and 2G compatibility
Communication – video, voice, and text
Strong Battery Life

What We Dislike

Initial set-up takes time
Buttons are small

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Parents are constantly looking for best GPS watches for kids. Today’s world it’s hard to keep kids in one place.

At the same time, parents want to know the activities of their children when they are going to meet friends.

With this short guide I hope I am able to help you in selecting the best kids watch with GPS for your children

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